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GTB10 Giardinelli by Eastman Trombone

You know you’re ready. It’s your solo and you have to crush it. You’re playing lead for the first time and this time it counts. But you’re not playing with your old trombone anymore either. You’ve moved up to a Giardinelli, fully feature-loaded “bone” and can’t wait to blow people away. You’re confident in the tradition and innovation of the Giardinelli by Eastman Company design and in your ability to match up with any mash-up around.

The Giardinelli trombone, built with the famed Eastman Company is a new classic, resonant and true, but affordable and. This instrument projects emotion with a complexity of range and nimble response through an innovative combination of advanced features at a price that makes sense. Give the Giardinelli trombone a try today!

  • Designed and produced with Eastman Company
  • Open wrap trombone for greater air flow
  • Comes with an F attachment conversion kit for ease of play, flexibility and a wider chromatic range
  • 3 different lead pipes with varying tapers to improve sound, responsiveness and intonation
  • .547 large shank receiver for significantly more open and free-blowing and a richer, fuller and more lush sound
  • Counterweight prevents “bell heavy” feel, darkens the sound and makes it easier to slot the partials
  • Yellow brass