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Giardinelli GTS-10 Advanced Series Tenor Saxophone by Eastman

You’re stepping up to a Giardinelli. You should have bought a new saxophone a while ago. You’re that good. You needed a full-featured, advanced horn to keep up with your killer lines. Balanced tone, “custom” feel and the resonant hand-hammered bell give you the confidence to play anything you put in front of you. First Chair is just an interim goal. You’ve got higher expectations and a new Giardinelli sax to take that journey with you.

Every once in a while, a music educator teaches a special young musician who is destined to play at any level they aspire to if they make the right choices. Those choices often start with the step up to a more advanced instrument. Designed and crafted with Eastman Company, the Giardinelli saxophone has it all: a vintage sound paired with the quality you expect from a modern saxophone. Plus, you can apply 100% rental credit from Music & Arts toward your purchase for an even better value and a great choice.

  • Tenor saxophone designed and produced with Eastman Company
  • Adjustable Palm Key risers allow you to boost the height of palm keys for better hand positioning
  • Double braces on low C, B, and Bb keys help them seal over time
  • High F# key if you dare
  • Lacquer finish for a more focused sound
  • Italian leather pads with metal resonators for louder and clearer sound
  • Hand-hammered bell for better resonance, tone and projection
  • Blue steeled springs produce that “snap” in your keying
  • Standard

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