You’ve Been Waiting for This

Step up with Giardinelli

You’re ascending to the next level and need an instrument that can deliver in the clutch. Giardinelli is stepping up to meet that challenge with a series of instruments that steal the show. You expect a lot from yourself and you practice hard to reach your goals. You deserve a finely crafted instrument at a price that’s within reach. Then you can set your sights on taking first chair.

Giardinelli is an exciting new brand but our debut features instruments of time-tested quality and tone through partnerships with industry leaders. Each Giardinelli clarinet, flute, saxophone, trombone and trumpet has a long history of craftsmanship and excellence behind them as they were designed and developed in partnership with some of the world’s finest instrument builders.

Excellence By Any Measure – Our Partners

We are in great company. Our partners are among the top names in music. A new Giardinelli instrument delivers a unique combination of cutting-edge design with tradition and trusted craftsmanship. Giardinelli saxophones, trumpets, and trombones are designed and developed with the innovative Eastman Company. We partnered with the famed designers at Backun to develop our clarinets. Giardinelli Flutes are produced in a partnership with Wm. S. Haynes, producing flutes at its storied Boston flute factory since 1888. We are excited to work with these esteemed brands and very proud of the fine instruments born from our collaboration.

We Listened and Stepped Up with 100% Rental Credit

We talked to music educators and most agreed that the price of finer instruments, have made that step up from beginning musician to the next level cost-prohibitive for many. So we devoted ourselves to producing instruments that offer professional features & quality but are accessible to every musician. To this end, we’ve partnered exclusively with Music & Arts so students can receive 100% rental credit towards purchase, as well. While a student is renting, they earn “credit” toward the purchase of their new Giardinelli. In the spirit and tradition of sharing great music, we are committed to offering matchless performance at a fair value for parents and school bands.

Changing the Score – Our Goal

We are dedicated to designing and building breakthrough instruments, produced with top-tier materials and features, designed by the best to bring the highest quality sound at a great value to advancing musicians everywhere. Our mission is that this new alternative line of instruments will encourage more students to advance their musical studies and even start a boom in participation where schools and music educators embrace the concept.

The Sound of Things to Come

It’s a new day for musicians, students and music educators everywhere! Our line-up of game-changing horns simply must be played before making any buying decisions in the changing landscape of intermediate to advanced music-making. Try a Giardinelli today.

Warm-Up’s Over.